HD Flathead Jigs

Originally, we started making these as a heavier duty flathead jig for the walleye bite.  As it turns out, these make an outstanding pike bait as well.

Same flathead jigs as the smaller variety, except these can be poured up to one ounce in size.  They will also be poured on a heavy-duty hook.  That hook is a bronze hook.  It also comes in a tinned saltwater version.  We can make these in either style.

These bucktails are sold for $23 a dozen, with free shipping and tracking.  

Contact us by hitting the Contact Us link in our banner for any special instructions and we will hook you up with the jigs you want.  Charter boat orders are welcomed.  Thank you and good fishing.

If you want a pattern that we do not have on our website, we would be more than happy to make that pattern for you.  If you are interested in a variety pack of colors, we have a link above to those.

Purple is always a good color for Erie.  We do get a lot of charter boat orders for Antifreeze/Yellow.

Black & Red

Black & Blue

Black Backed Perch

Black on Black

Antifreeze Yellow

Black Devil

Blue Ice Green

Caramel Sparkle

Crushed Cherry

Dark Watermelon

Gray Ghost

Green Chartreuse




Blue Shad


Sunny Day


Pike absolutely Love these things.