Crappie Hair Jigs

We're just getting into tying crappie hair jigs to sell as we have been getting some requests for these jigs.  We've sold them in the past locally and on some online auction platforms, but never as a consistent product line.  We have ordered in more supplies for this line as well as some materials we haven't used yet.  This page should be getting exciting as things progress.  We will be tying up a new pattern as time permits us to do so.  These are shown with a number 4 red chrome sickle hook, but you can order different colors/styles/sizes of hooks for your jigs at the same cost as list.  We will accommodate special orders for these if we have the hooks requested in the size/color/style you want.

If you want a specific design tied up, please feel free to contact us.  Free shipping and tracking to your door.

Sold by the dozen

Just received an order for 4 dozen of these for a walleye trip to Canada.  They requested them in 1/8 ounce.  

These jigs will catch a lot of crappie.  Walleye as well love these jigs.