Flathead Jigs

We started tying this style of bucktail jig for going out to Lake Erie jigging up walleye mainly in the spring.  3/4 ounce are the weights we use, but we can make them in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 ounce.  The preferred hook on these is the red sickle hook.  We also have a variation of this mold that takes heavy duty hooks and it will make these bucktails up to one ounce.  

Another use we found for the smaller ones is slipping the river in the spring for sauger.  They cut the current better for us and we can feel the bottom a lot more with this jigs without having to go to an even heavier jig.

These bucktails are sold for $23 a dozen with free shipping and tracking.  

Contact us by hitting the Contact Us link in our banner for any special instructions and we will hook you up with the jigs you want.  Charter boat orders are welcomed.  Thank you and good fishing.

If you want a pattern that we do not have on our website, we would be more than happy to make that pattern for you.  If you are interested in a variety pack of colors, we have a link above to those.

Purple is always a good color for Erie.  We do get a lot of charter boat orders for Antifreeze/Yellow.

As you can see, they will catch fish.